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Waheed Wahaj Group of Company provides various types of services to their clients. These services include start to end projects covering every task from sketching of building to finishing and furnishing of finalized construction as well as individual tasks

Our Services

We provide services of construction, Rehabilitation, Logistic, Road Constraction

Logistic Services

WWG is ready to work for development of Afghanistan in the field of Logistic supply services for providing construction materials and any other Stuff in any part of Afghanistan

Buildings Construction

it's up to you what kind of services you want If you don't have time yourself for taking care of construction works, then you can assign whole task of construction on contract basis to us

Irrigation Scheme

To Constract Canals, make turbine, hydro power dames in order to facilitate the factories and control the fuel rates in the markets.

Road Asphelt

WWGC is a leading solutions provider for the Road Construction in Afghanistan. We offer our customers excellent products and service to provide an unrivalled level of customer satisfaction. We have been in this industry for over 9 years

Our Managment Team

Waheed Wahaj Group Of Company Managment Personel

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